8 Myths you've been told about Hemorrhoids. Get Solutions on Hemorrhoids at Pradnyya Piles Clinic its is a best piles treatment in pune

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus. They can occur internally, inside the rectum, or externally, under the skin around the anus. Hemorrhoids are a common condition and can affect people of all ages.

1. People having Piles have Unbearable pain.

See it’s not necessary if you are having piles pain should be there moreover internal piles are very common in many people but they are unsymptomatic or they are unknown about that because they don’t cause any pain however external piles me cause sometimes pain, if piles are associated with fissures they cause pain.

2. If you have piles in your hereditary you will also be facing same.

If your family is facing piles problem it’s not necessary you will also be facing the same. Diseases are not in our genes but the structure of body is. Means if your liver is a bit sensitive in your family you will be facing diseases related to the liver or digestive system. If you have such problem in your family what you can do is taking care of such organs means preventive medicine and changes in your daily routine will help building up the weak organ in you and you can avoid the chances of diseases that are common in family.

3. Dieting changes won’t help to treat piles.

Of course healthy diet and routine exercise habits change a person’s health completely. If you take proper fibres in your diet take balanced water intake and do proper exercises you can avoid piles. To avoid piles you need to take care of your digestion completely everything depends on your digestive system.

4. If you have Piles you have to avoid spicy foods.

Spicy foods make our digestion hamper but there are many other foods also which makes a digestion process sluggish and interrupts in a daily bowel movements. These foods are such as cheese, chicken, fried food, bakery products, potato, chocolate intake, carbonated drinks, drinking freezed water, ice cream etc…… These foods are worst for our digestion I need to avoid these for precautions in piles.

5. Surgery is necessary for hemorrhoids /Piles

Internal hemorrhoids doesn’t need surgery at primary stage because these doesn’t cause any symptoms, external piles may interfere during sitting position and if they are complicated with bleeding or strangulation they need surgery.

6. Exercises causes piles

Proper exercise doesn’t cause piles. We see many people they suddenly jump into gym and within few days they are prone to piles problem, this is very commonly seen with many people. When you start exerciseing your metabolism starts to recover and it produces heat in the body if your body can’t excrete the heat properly and remains within the body it will start complications and the common complication is Piles. To avoid this thing you have to start exercises from basic step by step so that you won’t load up your body with heat. When you start exercises avoid weightlifting for few days.

7. Piles are common in old age.

Of course aging can cause piles but only if you are not taking care of yourself. Think but laxicity of your blood vessel, as age proceeds are body becomes lacks and with that blood vessels also so its necessary to take care of yourself by helping one with regular yoga exercises and proper diet, and regular body checkups.

8. Everything painful at anus is Piles

There are many diseases which are caused at Anus other than piles I have made it first clear all piles are not painful so you should make your mind clear that you are not always facing from Piles if you are having pain. There are many diseases like Peri anal abscess, Fissures or even fistula which are very painful, so it is always advisable to consult a proctologist before starting piles medicine.

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